Keeping Down Drug Costs

While working with various clients and insurance policies over the past few years, we have compiled this list of potential ways for keeping down the cost of drugs.

1. Understand your insurance. Find out what your insurance policy covers and how much of a co-pay and deductible is your responsibility. You can budget appropriately for out-of-pocket costs and investigate other options to reduce costs.

2. Consider generics. Be sure to discuss generics with your doctor and ask that your prescription be written to provide appropriate options.

3. Shop before you purchase. Utilizing Google search as well as visiting drug assistance sites such as GoodRx , Singlecare and Rxsaver can help you find your medication at the best price. There is a variance by pharmacy and drug benefit card.

4. Explore patient assistance programs. If you have a specific disease, investigate programs via the association website for your specific disease, the drug manufacturers website and your insurance company. You may find your drug is provided at a reduced-cost or free for qualifying patients. Furthermore, do not be bashful – discuss potential options with your physician.

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